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  1. Rikyu


    Wow! That gives me a good idea on how you started with game development. Nice to have you OzRoo!
  2. Rikyu

    Tonight's Art Stream

    Love it!
  3. Rikyu


    Welcome to the Architects Serijas!
  4. Rikyu

    Basic FPS / Mouse Looking

    Well done, like the way you laid it out. Its easy to follow.
  5. Rikyu

    Aezrin's Gamejam Submissions.

    I like your attention to detail aezrin.
  6. Rikyu


    I am Rikyu. For me its very interesting seeing others create amazing games with rpgmaker. Thats why I started using it back then. I am an asset creator, i digitally paint and create 3D models for game development. RPGM was limited when it comes to 3D stuff so i decided to team up with Locke...
  7. Rikyu

    Hello and welcome.

    Hello and welcome.