FAQ: Why does RPG Architect use XZ in its map editor?


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Good question! Please see the attached graphic related to that:


While we understand 3D modeling and game engine software may often use a Z-up format, about half of the modeling software does not, and about half of the game engines out there use Y-up as we have opted to do. As such, you will need to export any 3D GLTF/GLB models for use with RPGA in a Y-up form.

A few other reasons for the design choice:

  1. RPGA is actually a 3D engine, so everything always renders with 3D acceleration. 2D rendering just enforces a few specific parameters and details.
  2. Since RPGA can handle both 2D and 3D (and you could theoretically change the camera type in the middle of running the game), it's important to have a common design language/choice that works for everyone.
  3. Because I said so.