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Hey thanks for checking out this thread. Before you post, be sure to read over these rules carefully.

1. Be Cool, Don't Claim What Ain't Yours: Please don't share resources pretending they're your own creation if they're not. Seriously, that stuff ain't cool.

2. Respect the Creators: You may advertise your own paid resources here, but DO NOT post the paid resources of other creators. Instead of directly sharing the goods, provide links so fellow users can purchase them for themselves. This is how a lot of people feed themselves (myself included). You may provide a sample image or two, and a link on where to purchase.

3. Share the Love: We love to see your creations, so sharing your own resources is highly encouraged! Just be mindful and try not to overdo it in one go. Nobody likes a spammy McSpammerson. (Trust me, I'm talking to myself with this one too!) Having a big thread of your own work is fine, but don't jump into someone else's thread to push your stuff.

4. Give Credit Where Credit's Due: This ties in with rule #1 and #2, but if you're sharing someone else's work, make sure to give credit where it's due. It's just good manners, dude.

5. Keep it PG, Folks: Let's keep things family-friendly, shall we? No NSFW (Not Safe For Work) resources allowed. We're all here to have a good time and share our love for RPG Architect, so let's keep it clean and appropriate for all ages. Thanks for keeping it classy, everyone!

6. Keep it Legal: This should go without saying, but let's keep things above board. No sharing illegal or pirated materials. Let's keep the lawyers out of it, shall we?

7. Stay on Topic: While I love a good tangent as much as the next person (you've seen my tutorials, right?), let's try to keep the discussion focused on RPG Architect and related resources. Save the philosophical debates for another time and another place.

8. Be Kind and Constructive: We're all here because we love RPG Architect and want to see the software and community thrive. So let's keep the vibes positive and offer constructive feedback when sharing resources. Let's build each other up, not tear each other down.

Remember, folks, we're all in this together! So let's keep the sharing spirit alive and make this forum a welcoming space for all RPG enthusiasts.
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